Lyficare Classic Pants
Classic Pants

Don’t let incontinence ruin your active, comfortable, and freedom-filled lifestyle. Adult pull-up pants prevent leaks and provide comfort and convenience. Improved hygiene is achieved by having an absorbent core with odor-controlling, moisture-wicking, and breathable side panels. For people who have heavy bowel or urinary incontinence or require assistance changing, these diapers are the best option. Enjoy life with confidence and peace of mind.

Products Features

This adult pull-up pants is designed with several features to ensure the comfort and protection of both men and women. Its uniform thickness allows for rapid absorption of moisture, keeping the skin healthy, dry, and well-protected. The overnight absorbency and lock-in technology effectively reduce the odor associated with incontinence, contributing to the product’s overall hygienic performance. Its smooth outer cover provides comfortable wear, even on delicate skin. The diaper’s elasticized fit, leak guard, and dependable fastening make it a reliable choice for both genders. These features work together to provide an excellent option for those seeking a high-quality, unisex diaper. Stay confident and active without disruptions. Our adult pull-up pants provide the perfect balance of comfort and protection, making them an excellent choice for those who value quality and convenience.

Available Packing Size
60 ~ 111cm
24" ~ 44"
76 ~ 121cm
30" ~ 48
60 ~ 111cm
24" ~ 44"
114 ~ 155cm
45" ~ 61"
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